We bring together industry, educators and students to develop solutions to skills gap challenges.

Over the next few years, over 20 million skilled employees will retire. Those with the most experience building America’s infrastructure, who are versed with the greatest manufacturing expertise, and those who keep America moving forward will soon be out of the workforce. This workforce development challenge will leave millions upon millions of skilled positions vacant in the construction, manufacturing, mechanicals, engineering, health care, technology, and food service industries. The skills gap has been described as a tsunami that is just over the horizon and coming fast!

In the United States, it is common for young people to enroll in 4-year colleges or universities rather than applying for skilled trade positions. Unfortunately, too many of them leave college (with or without a college degree) with tens of thousands of dollars of debt with no clear path on what to do with their life. Is the American education system promoting “book sense at the expense of common sense” without realizing that one without the other results in very negative outcomes?

Bridging America’s Gap (BAG) does more than most career workforce development programs by helping employers develop a long-term solution to find qualified workers.  Through our Career Skills Events, BAG brings employers together with organizations and institutions that work most closely with future employee prospects, resulting in a skilled workforce.

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