Career Skills Events

We bring the skills industries and businesses together with hundreds of prospective entry level employees in face-to-face Career Skills Events!

Bridging America’s Gap will provide solutions for your industry, organization, or business to combat the skills gap crisis by designing an efficient program that is tailored to your specific needs. 

BAG provides a wide range of industries with assistance, guidance and the ability to develop a solution tailored to your specific needs. The solution can often be as simple as building long term relationships with the right people or bringing together a smaller number of skilled individuals on a more regular basis for a local solution. 

Customized solutions to foster long term relationships with employers in need of skilled individuals and individuals interested in learning more about the unique career opportunities the skilled industries provide can include:

  • regional Career Skills Event attracting thousands of prospects, showcasing numerous industries

  • local Career Skills Event attracting hundreds of prospects for a specific industry

  • reoccurring local business event attracting less than a hundred students & parents on regular basis

Career Skills events unite businesses with technical schools, high schools and various other organizations that have existing relationships with the entry level employees that businesses seek. Long term relationships are generated by bringing together employers, potential employees and educators through BAG’s Career Skills Events which creates a win/win/win situation.


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