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“Under Brett’s leadership and direction, Lift and Move USA grew from a concept to event drawing hundreds of attendees each time. Our organization has participated in every event held so far, and I have personally seen the excitement of the attendees. With his Career Skills Events, Brett has skillfully brought all sides of industry together in a shared vision, management, labor, union and nonunion all working together towards the common goal of bringing the next generation into the skilled trades. Bridging Americas Gap will greatly benefit from his experience and abilities and we look forward to participating in the BAG events. He approaches every day with an unparalleled tenacity and passion, which shows how much he cares about the students and veterans whose future careers he is helping to shape.”

-Paul Anderson, Director, International Union of Operating Engineers

“I have participated in multiple Lift and Move events since the inception in 2015, the growth of the program has been nothing short of amazing. The development of the program under the leadership of Brett Melvin allows students to get a firsthand look at the heavy transport and crane industries, an opportunity most students (or teachers) never get. Mr. Melvin’s vision of a full day of enlighten students to our entry partners beautifully with the staffing needs of industry companies. We are hopeful the Lift and Move program remains a portion of our educational system for years to come.”

-Brett Berard, Vice President, Berard Transportation

“From the first time I met Brett I knew he would make his Skills Gap program a success. I had the opportunity to speak at the first ever Lift and Move event held in Chicago in June of 2015. From that first event Brett continued to make each consecutive event bigger and even more successful. He is always a great partner who is well connected with all the key stakeholders and I have no doubt he will do with Bridging America’s Gap what he did with Lift & Move. We are so pleased with the proven success of this type of Skills Gap solution, that SkillsUSA Wisconsin is in the planning stages to have a Bridging America’s Gap Career Skills Expo held at our state conference in April of 2018. This will be another great event exposing kids to a wide variety of noble high-skill, high-wage career pathways.”

-Brent Kindred,Executive Director, SkillsUSA Wisconsin

“I worked for Brett for two years on developing the Lift & Move USA program in the USA. Lift & Move USA is an industry-led initiative to promote careers in the crane, rigging and specialized transportation business. The program was starting from scratch, so it was a challenging task. As Executive Director Brett was required to identify and enthuse the industry companies that would host the events; forge contacts with teachers, schools, colleges and careers organizations; and create a template for the events that worked for everyone involved, from students and schools to hosts and program partners. He achieved all this, establishing a program that held three or four events a year and reaching more than 2000 students annually. To do this Brett needed to be dedicated and highly organized, which he was, but it helped enormously that he was also passionate about the goals of the program. Brett believes deeply in the need to promote opportunities for young people in vocational and skilled jobs – to bridge the skills gap – and believes that industries can take positive actions to make this happen. We wish him every success with his new venture, Bridging America’s Gap, and his efforts to transfer his Lift & Move USA experience to other industries.”

-Murray Pollok, Events Director, KHL Group

“I worked with Brett on the first ever Lift and Move USA event, which was a well-organized event in the Chicago area. I have also worked with Brett on various other Lift and Move USA events, the latest being in Baton Rouge LA with Deep South Crane which was a phenomenal event! Brett’s ability to work with the sponsors of the event and to reach out to the most likely audience that can be the next generation of skilled craftsmen and craftswomen is unparalleled. His events grew from the first with a couple hundred attendees to over 1,000 in different areas of the country. The thing about Brett is that he understands the struggles that the companies in need of skilled workers are going through. All he needs is their assistance to use his connections and ability to reach the right audience and deliver the message that skilled trades are a great rewarding career. His approach of getting the Industry out to speak to the young people and share their stories and experiences with the potential new work force is proving to be the best way to reach the next generation of skilled workers.”

-Dan Swiggum, Business Development & Chief Crane Instructor, Associated Training Services

“Lift and Move was such a positive experience each time I attended one. The kids all showed interest, were receptive and inquisitive. The teachers and counselors showed great support in encouraging the students to attend and once there encouraged them to ask questions. There was always one or two students that you would see make a connection to one of the speakers and when they did you would see them perk up at the thought of doing something great with their career. A large part of the event success was driven by Brett Melvin’s vision. Brett strongly believes in this initiative and it shows in the hard work he puts in. He steps up to help the hosting company overcome any hiccups that may arise and gladly offers words of thanks and encouragement on any new ideas brought to the forefront for the event.”

-Stacy Cullotta, Marketing Director, Lifting Gear Hire

“I attended and spoke at the very first Lift & Move event, as well as a second one the next year. I believe so much in the purpose and goals of events like these. So many companies, like my own, rely on hard-working and talented team members with a very specific set of skills. Over the past several years, these skills have been overlooked and under-appreciated, which is why it’s so incredible to have an event like Lift & Move to shine the spotlight on them once again. Brett Melvin was instrumental in coordinating the Lift & Move events that I attended, and it was clear that at each event, he took the learnings from a previous event to make the next one even better. Keep up the good work!”

-Jennifer Gabel, President, JK Crane

“SkillsUSA Indiana participated in and worked with Brett Melvin in the fall of 2017 for a Career Skills Event (CSE) in Indianapolis. It was an amazing opportunity for high school students to see career possibilities that they may not have been exposed to in everyday school. It allowed them time to ask questions to current employers, see equipment that is used and also to talk with people that are currently working in the field to find out true day to day operations. The students in attendance were very engaged in learning and understanding that college is not always best suited for them but that they can still make a great living if they have the skilled training. Because our experience working with Brett was so beneficial, we are currently working on a Career Skills Event with Bridging America’s Gap at our state conference. SkillsUSA Indiana’s goal is to expose more students to careers they may have never considered that will open their mind to
worlds of opportunities.”

-Kelley Baker, State Director, SkillsUSA Indiana

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