What We Do

BAG was founded in 2018 as a 501 (c)(3) Workforce Development Organization to address the skills gap dilemma. Prior to the creation of BAG, we created a similar organization for the crane, rigging and specialized transportation industry that developed and implemented 9 career skills type events around the country bringing over 5,000 students, educators and businesses together.

As a non-profit organization, BAG works to align all sides of industry to a shared vision, and then lead them in the development of a solution to their skills gap challenge. Through collaboration with students, educators and businesses, we work towards the common goal of bringing the next generation into the skilled trades industries.

With their Career Skills Events, they then add veterans, existing workforce development programs and students from local schools and community colleges for a half day at a member’s facility. Here they move quickly through a series of education stations and hear direct testimony from industry professionals, learn about career opportunities and rewards within the industry and obtain hands on experiences. Students are even able to see equipment up close and use simulators and virtual reality to simulate the use of the machinery. 

Bridging America’s Gap is using the lessons learned from previous programs to help other skills related businesses and industries become proactive in their response to the skills gap issue and build their own employee pipeline. 

Program success relies on uniting industry stakeholders such as; associations, manufacturers, certification organizations, trade press, trade unions, educational foundations, and aligning them to a shared vision of “Building Tomorrow’s Workforce Together.”

501 (c)(3) Workforce Development Organization

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